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Supporting Journalism on City Solutions 

We build stronger communities by providing journalists grants to tell stories about how cities can work better for all their people.

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Boosting Journalism

Local media needs help. Shrinking local newsrooms and small news startups don’t have travel budgets to send journalists out to tell stories about solutions from other places. We fill that gap.

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Stronger Cities

Metro areas are where our most complex problems, from health to climate change to racial inequity, are most deeply felt. They’re also where innovative solutions can help the most people.

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Travel Grants

Our travel grants enable journalists to do on-the-ground reporting, which is so critical to telling stories about what’s working and why with texture, color, and deep understanding.

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About Neal Peirce

The journalist Neal Peirce spent a career writing about the people, programs, and ideas making cities and metropolitan regions work better for all their people. And he was constantly on the road to get the story.

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Stories by Our Grantees

Keeping Trailside Homes Affordable

Keeping Trailside Homes Affordable

A new rail trail in Albuquerque promises to bring new amenities but may squeeze longtime homeowners with higher taxes. Peter Rice of the Downtown Albuquerque News went to Atlanta to report on programs that protect residents along that city’s booming BeltLine. Photo: Erin Sintos

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Tangled Titles

Tangled Titles

A lack of clear land titling threatens Black property ownership across the South. David Slade of the Charleston Post and Courier went to Philadelphia to see if the city’s “Tangled Title Fund” offers a model for state and local leaders to consider. Photo: Andrew J. Whitaker, The Post and Courier

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Across the nation, cities are tackling problems like climate change, racial inequities, affordable housing, crime, and public health. Yet resources are shrinking for journalists to get out in the field to report on solutions and spread ideas that make communities stronger.

Our travel grants make stories happen.

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