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Eric Theodore Tennant lives in an encampment in Missoula. Photo: Ben Allan Smith, Missoulian

Missoula, Mont., is facing an affordable housing crisis like the city has never seen before. For the 6-part Missoulian series “Nowhere to Go,” David Erickson went to Portland, Ore., to learn what lessons that city’s extensive housing programs can offer Missoula.

Read the full series:

Part 1 — an overview of Montana’s housing crisis.

Part 2 — a look at how private equity firms are raising rents in mobile home parks in Montana.

Part 3 — How a “wealth tax” in Portland, Oregon pays the wages of a street beautification team of homeless or formerly homeless individuals.

Part 4 — How Portland was able to build housing with services for native Americans and whether there’s a need for that in Missoula.

Part 5 — How two housing bonds passed by voters in Portland have helped formerly homeless people find stable housing.

Part 6 — What Missoula officials say about the housing crisis, urban camping and what their plans are for the future.